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A typical gas station will have an average monthly visitor count of around 6,000 with most people visiting 5 times per month and Daily customers also use as "shop" for morning coffee, food, evening paper, scratch-off/lotto etc., and the average a customer will spend 5 minutes of boring time for fueling, 85% customers says actually looking for into advertise and Gus station TV which services are increasing with setting on the head of the gas pumps and offer TV program, that offering excellent reach and frequency. Most gas station is in outdoor/semi-outdoor environment means that ordinary display is vulnerable to rain and dust. With our DISIGN's high reliability and high durable displays provide the ability to increase your efficiency and revenue.


Application Diagram

CCTV Public View series
Surveillance is the key to helping a gas station maintain its merchandise, keep its employees safe. Our CCTV Public View series is the surveillance monitor with built-in camera that offer highly effective theft deterrent as well a way to create public awareness that a video surveillance system run a live remote in place.
Public View Monitor, Surveillance Monitor with built-in camera

Sunlight Readable Monitor
Our actively enhanced High Brightness LCD sunlight readable Monitors are designed to operate in high ambient light conditions. At 1500 nits to 3000 nits of brightness indoor and outdoor, our High Bright Sunlight Readable Displays outperform commercially available non-enhanced products that washout in direct and/or indirect sunlight conditions.
Sunlight Readable Monitor

Full IP65 and IP65 series
Our Disign Full IP65 series is stainless steel housing design to resist against most corrosive lubricants in harsh environments. This series combines with the transflective LCD and the high brightness (optional) offer the best performance to meet the customer's special requirement of harsh and hight ambient light applicants.
Full IP65
IP65(front side)