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Marine solution

Marine solution


Disign offer a series of Marine Grade Display for maritime applications. Our disign Marine Grade is designed and tested accoridng to "IEC60945" "IACA-E10" and Det Norske Veritas Classfication AS (DNV) and is widely recognized.


Application Diagram

Marine Grade Display
Disign's Marine Grade Display is designed with
- Tranflective Panel and diming functions
- Hight quality TFT LCD display with high resolution
- Wide operating temperature range
- IP65 proo
- Touch screen
- Wide voltage range power input
- Protective glass and anti-corrosion

HDSDI monitor
Our HDSDI monitor delivers real time broadcast grade image. Prefect for high-end applications where the resolution of HD is ideal.
HD SDI monitor, for Serial degital interface

Customized Display
Disign Customized Display will be design & produce based on the specifications & requirements provided by customer.
Customization covers:
- Interface: Additional Serial, LAN, CAN ports
- Display: High Brightness, Touch Screen, Temperature Range
- Power: Wide range DC, Other Power Source
- Mounitng/Enclosure: Additional Fan, Customized Metal Work