We at DISIGN Incorporated (hereafter, the Company) work to ensure the security of your information and to protect personal information in all our business activities, and we aim to improve these protections continuously. The Company stipulates that personal information be handled as follows, to provide our customers peace of mind. We limit the use of personal information that is collected to the range of uses set forth in our Privacy Policy and pay close attention to how personal information is handled.

1. Collection of Personal Information

We collect your personal information when you send information about yourself to the Company, such as when you request a catalog, contact us with an inquiry or register as a user.
During registration on our website, we ask customers to provide an email address and password for login, as well as their company name, own name, department, position, postal code, company address, phone and fax numbers and whether they wish to receive new product news on our user registration page. A number of these items must be entered.
Apart from our website, we also have customers provide this information when registering with the Company as a customer. Once user registration is complete, customers can use all the services provided by the Company.
We also retain data at times other than during registration, such as when you request a catalog from the Company, when contacting us, when providing comments via email about our website, or asking technical questions about products, or when reporting problems on the web. We also retain information when you contact us in writing.
We may also ask customers about their use of online ordering.

2. How Cookies are Used

A cookie refers to information (in a text file) saved on the customer’s hard disk by their browser; web servers use this information to identify the customer’s computer, which makes it easier to provide frequently used services.

When you log onto our website, the Company uses the username and password to check the information provided during user registration and confirm the identity of the user.
Logging in allows users to view and/or download data sheets, as well as to reflect information from user registration, such as their address, on order forms, which simplifies filling out the order form.
Cookies are saved on the hard disk of the customer’s computer during login, but these cookies consist of alphanumeric code numbers and do not include personal information.