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Smart Electronic Bulletin Board


In a smart city where people and people, people and things, and things are all connected, condominium, and apartment management is centralized.

Introducing EPD-equipped applications as an interactive smart electronic bulletin board for condominium and apartment management

Feature 1: Low Power Consumption
EPD (Electronic Paper Display) requires power only when its contents are changed. Usually, LCDs always require electricity to display content. However, EPD does not require electricity during display and has a function to retain its content causing the power consumption reduced remarkably.

Feature 2: Batch change of bulletin board contents via MQTT Broker
Since each bulletin board and the management server can communicate via LTE, the contents of the bulletin board can be changed collectively, all with just one click. Unlike traditional bulletin boards, paper support can be messy and requires a lot of work, but with EPD, there is no need to worry about that.

Feature 3: Easy to read and easy on the eyes
EPD has the same contrast ratio and reflectivity as paper, so you can read the screen clearly in any environmental conditions as long as there is light. The wide-viewing-angle allows viewing from any angle, and since there is no need for a backlight, it is easy to read with less strain on the eyes.

Feature 4: Can be installed in places without electricity
Because it is battery compatible, installation is possible where there is no power supply available. For example, if you need temporary guidance, such as elevator inspection work or sudden door restriction, you can use it as a standing sign. Or it can be used for various purposes such as guidance signs and speed limit signs in apartments.

Feature 5: Can be used at the time of disaster
There is a limit in electricity during a disaster, and in some cases, the usage of smartphones and mobile devices is not possible. Since providing necessary information to ensure the safety of residents is essential, you need a system where you can receive information automatically. Usually, the AC power supply is supported, and it is possible to switch to battery automatically in case of a disaster. With LTE, you can receive disaster information in the area.

Bulletin board is also one of the Real Estate selling points. In other words, if the bulletin board is well managed, it will be a great thing to consider for the buyer of the real estate.


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