Press Release

Promotion of Corporate Activities Adapted to the New Normal

Disign Inc. (Head office: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture President: Yan Takatani, referred to as Disign Inc.) announced today that to respond quickly and flexibly to the new wave of change known as the “New Normal,” all of our employees will implement the “Mindset Shift” and carry out a multifaceted reform, both internally and externally, to provide products and services that contribute to society in improved work life.

■ How did we get to this point?

Values and common sense take cause as habits when people’s needs and ideas are translated into actual action and accepted by many. The various “restrictions” caused by the spread of the new coronavirus infection led to a dynamic change in our habits. This experience keeps us wondering whether some in-house systems or businesses that we have unintentionally adapted. We will continue to innovate our corporate activities to achieve long-term thrive through micro-steps.

■ Future developments

Meet New Working

  • Introduction of Telework System
    We will introduce a telework work system that has become a new standard due to the expansion of digital demand. By allowing employees to choose their work style according to their lifestyles and life stages, we aim to increase productivity through the efficient execution of work. We will provide teleworkers with the necessary technology (IT equipment, software, and security measures) to facilitate internal and external communication.
  • Use of Shared Office
    We will introduce a system to allow employees to use shared offices for their work.
  • Merging the Head Office and Factory (Begin operations on September 23, 2020)
    Combining the functions of the head office and factory, we aim to create a system that can respond more quickly to customer’s needs. (Announcement schedule)

Meet New Tech

  • Development of Next-Generation Products Using Electronic Paper Displays (EPD)
    In this era of change, not only in the energy industry but also in other industries, people are striving to reduce environmental impact to create new businesses. We will accelerate the development of ultra-low power consumption products such as smart bus stops and information boards that use electronic paper displays.
  • Promoting Sparse with MaaS solution “Busola”
    Busola, a product developed by our company that employs edge computing and AI technology, understands the movement of people and contributes to solving the problems of overcrowding and underpopulation that occur locally.

Meet New Safety

  • Contributing to the transportation infrastructure
    Since railways and buses are social infrastructures, the need for users to feel more “secure” is becoming an important factor in a world where mobility is still limited. We will contribute to the maintenance of social infrastructure by adopting new technologies and providing highly reliable products.
  • Contributing to the long-term, stable supply of industrial liquid crystals
    As a product to support infrastructure, we provide quality control of domestic standards and long-term, stable supply.


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