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Climate Change causes various disasters such as typhoons, heavy rains, earthquakes, and forest fires are occurring not every decade, but every year. How should we respond to this situation?

One important countermeasure these days is through energy conservation because of many environmental problems. One of the most urgent countermeasures these days is energy conservation. These environmental problems are considered caused by energy consumption.

Especially in urban areas where the population is high, there is a need to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Recently, building owners are trying to find effective ways to help in energy reduction.

Building Energy Management System

The Japanese Ministry of the Environment created ZEB, also known as Net Zero Energy Building. ZEB is a building that aims to reduce the annual balance of primary energy consumed by the building to zero while realising a comfortable indoor environment. (Reference: Ministry of the Environment Zeb Portal)

As a contribution to the realization of ZEB, solar power generation for energy creation (creating energy by itself), and as energy saving, a power storage system, high-performance building materials and BEMS (Building and Energy Management System: Building) that controls air conditioning, lighting, and ventilation Management system). By making full use of these technologies, we have become able to enjoy activities while contributing to the environment.

By applying the information acquired from BEMS (Building Management System) and knowing how much energy is consumed or reduced, awareness of energy-saving will change. To provide such information, we still want to use products that consume less power.

Building Energy Management System

Electronic paper display (EPD) is known for its low power consumption technology.

Here are the features of EPD:

1. Low Power Consumption 

EPD (Electronic Paper Display) requires power only when its contents are changed. EPD does not require backlight and electricity during display because it has a function to retain its content causing the power consumption to be reduced remarkably.

2. High visibility

Since it has the same contrast and reflectance as paper, you can read the display screen clearly under most light conditions.

3. Wide viewing angle

Since it is almost paper-like, the wide viewing angle allows viewing from any direction. 

4. Environmentally friendly

EPD is highly recognized in Europe and the US as the next-generation ECO product that can reduce power consumption relatively.

Building Energy Management System

Our EPD is LTE compatible. Also, it is possible to install a battery for easy installation to a wall

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