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Do you find it difficult to see the road information board?

There are two reasons why using LCD as guide boards is difficult to see. First, the natural light is too bright. And Second, the screen of the information board itself is too dark.

EPD Road Information

Most highway service areas are outdoors. And during the daytime, to improve the visibility of the LCD screen in a place where sunlight shines, high brightness of 1500 cd or more is required. Also, LCDs require power, so heat treatment measures are also necessary. It will require a cooling device such as a fan, making power consumption even greater.

In this case, it is effective to use EPD (Electronic Paper Display). EPD has the same contrast and reflectivity as paper, so the more light there is, the more visible it becomes. It is also possible to read even at night.

EPD does not require power when displaying content. It uses power only when the content needs to be changed. Unlike LCD, it does not require power 24/7. Also, since the backlight is not required, the power consumption can be kept very low.

The EPD can be solar-powered or battery-powered. It is very convenient to be placed where the power supply is difficult. Also, no major installation is required.

EPD Road Information

EPD Road Information

However, EPD can’t display videos, so it’s a good idea to have an image similar to an electronic poster.

EPD is very effective under the following conditions:

  • Content that does not need to be changed frequently.
  • Content that needs to be displayed and changed in multiple places.
  • A place where the installation is required even if there is no power supply.
  • A place with bright light.

You can choose LCD or EPD according to your needs. At DISIGN, we can make proposals that meet the needs of our customers.

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