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Our company has been developing BUSOLA: Smart Bus Stop Solution since last year, 2019. The development of the bus location system and electronic paper display (EPD) has made us realize the data communication technology and low power consumption EPD are possible to use in various situations.

For example, people are easily influenced by fake news and fabrications in times of disaster and emergencies. Having credible information from reliable sources is essential, and a system that can automatically receive and check information is necessary. Also, with limited power during a disaster, it may be challenging to get information through smartphones since conserving the phone battery is essential.

Home Bulleting Board

We would like to introduce our BUSOLA system to be incorporated into the “Community Based Bulletin Board” during an emergency. We will provide information that concerns the local area. In the event when the power supply is interrupted, it will automatically switch to battery operation. Smartphone, mobile, and PC require power at all times to display content, but with EPD, it only needs power when changing the display content, and no power is required when displaying content. Since LTE communication is possible, disaster information is accurately received and displayed from a reliable source.

We recommend installing it into the bulleting board of condominiums, local meeting places, public halls, or schools.

Busola can also collect regional environmental data. For example, it can collect data for the entire region such as, collecting and analyzing PM 2.5 status and flooding information for each location of the installed bus stop. (further details about this in the next column)

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