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The number of rooms and facilities in buildings such as universities, hospitals, and large buildings that have vast land areas is several, and it is important to have room management. 

Room sign at the entrance of classrooms has not been converted to IoT yet. This time, we would like to introduce a room sign application that uses an electronic paper display (EPD).

EPD Room Sign

Features of EPD room sign

  1. The usage status can be updated in real-time.
  2. Energy cost reduction.
  3. Emergency Support
  4. No major construction required.

The usage status can be updated in real-time
Each EPD Room Sign is connected to a server via LTE. It can be linked with a reservation management system to display the current room status in real-time. Also, content management is easy because you can either update it all together or individually.

Energy cost reduction
Since EPD does not require power except when changing the displayed content, it is possible to maintain the contents displayed on the EPD without power consumption until there is a need to change the display. Unlike LCDs, displaying content the whole day requires power.

Emergency Support
Room signs displayed contents are usually room status, lecture content, reservation status, etc. But in case of an emergency, it is possible to display earthquake early warnings and weather conditions.

No major construction required
Since it is thin and lightweight, it can be hung on a wall and can be operated by a battery. It will not require large-scale construction.
*Battery operation depends on the number of times the content is displayed and changed


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