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Recently, remote learning styles are taking off. What will be the effect on this for large campuses, and how will these campuses be utilized? 

The Communication Bar with Electronic Paper Display (EPD) is a solution that can provide students a more entertaining way of communicating. It can provide the latest updates about what is going on around your school.  

Communication Bar

Let us explain how the communication bar works. The Content Management System (CMS) allows you to post information to EPD via a browser.

The CMS operation procedure is very easy.

  1. Select the image type and upload the content. (*sample image)

  2. Select which terminal to use. You can select the display terminal according to the needs of the content, such as only one device or multiple devices.
  3. Set the content display schedule. (*sample image)

The EPD only needs power when changing the display content. In the US and Europe, it is called a sustainable display, a next-generation eco-friendly tool, because it can retain the screen contents without any power consumption.

It is highly recommended to use the EPD Communication Bar as a new medium to deliver the necessary topics to the people who need them.


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