Notification of National holidays in Japan, 2019

To: All Our Customers, Business associates & Friends,

According to official public holiday calendar as below, our office and factory will be closed in 2019.

14-Jan-19 Mon Coming-of-age Day
11-Feb-19 Mon National Foundation Day
21-Mar-19 Thu Vernal Equinox Day
29-Apr-19 Mon Showa Day
30-Apr-19 Tue Day of Abdication
1-May-19 Wed Coronation Day of the new Emperor
2-May-19 Thu Celebrate Coronation Day
3-May-19 Fri Constitution Memorial Day
4-May-19 Sat Greenery Day
5-May-19 Sun Children’s Day
6-May-19 Mon Substitute Holiday for 5-May
15-Jul-19 Mon Marine Day
11-Aug-19 Sun Mountain Day
12-Aug-19 Mon Substitute Holiday for 11-Aug
16-Sep-19 Mon Respect for the Aged Day
23-Sep-19 Mon Autumnal Equinox Day
14-Oct-19 Mon Health-Sports Day
22-Oct-19 Tue The core enthronement ceremony
3-Nov-19 Sun Culture Day
4-Nov-19 Mon Substitute Holiday for 3-Nov
23-Nov-19 Sat Labor Thanksgiving Day


Thank you.

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